Home and Renters Insurance
Whether you own your own home, rent from someone else, have a second or vacation home or rent your house out to someone else

Home Owners Insurance
Home Owners insurance covers the structure and contents of a dwelling that is occupied by the owner of the structure.  The policy provides for liability coverage, contents coverage, loss of use of the property and coverage for other structures on the premises.

Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance covers your risk of liability and loss of contents for individuals who rent a dwelling or apartment but do not own it.  This coverage is also necessary if you are a “roommate” with the owner of a home, but are not a legal resident relative of that person (i.e. roommates, domestic partners and individual living with a significant other, if you are not related to the person that owns the dwelling).

Second or Vacation Home Insurance
Vacation homes and cabins may require special coverage especially if they are rented out for periods of time.  A proper understanding of how the vacation home will be used is key to getting the proper coverage for the structure, contents, and liability.

Rental Home (Dwelling) Insurance
Dwelling insurance covers damage to the structure from a dwelling you own, but do not reside in.  A dwelling not occupied by the owner is not eligible for the homeowner’s coverage form but can be covered under the dwelling coverage insurance.  Usually, coverage for contents and loss of rents are optional in this form of coverage but can be quoted in your proposal.